Thursday, May 21, 2009

the final countdown.

I am currently in the midst of last minute errands and planning, because I leave for Europe in just four short days! I think that today I finally finished all of my random little errands, so now all I have to do is fit everything into one suitcase and one carryon. Of course, I also have to make sure that I'm not overpacking, so I'm trying to keep my suitcase from weighing over thirty pounds, which might prove to be a little tricky. I'm also still trying to nail down the last details of my very complex itinerary. As I try to decide which guidebooks and shoes I really need, I am overflowing with excitement for this journey. The majority of this two-and-a-half month long trip will be spent in Grenoble, France in a study abroad program, but at this point, my plans also include stops in Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Scotland, and England. I am planning to post updates here regularly, so keep checking back over the course of the summer!

Today I learned a great new word: frisson, which means a sudden thrill of excitement.